Freeland is the hub of south Whidbey boasting the majority of eateries, medical services, banks, retail shops, fitness center, library, grocery store and pharmacy.  Only 10 miles from the ferry, a population of about 3,690 people its the commercial spot of the island.  A golf course and upscale homes hug the Holmes Harbor shoreline that is anchored by Nichols Brothers boat builders, the area’s largest employer. Beach goers enjoy Double Bluff County Park.  A beautiful sandy beach that also offers an off-leash dog area.

Freeland residents are currently contemplating city incorporation; discussions about sewer districts ignite our passions. We hope to create a more walkable, people-friendly town by establishing pathways, planters and benches. Community groups are insisting upon control over design standards for new buildings. Now is the time to become part of our expanding community.


Neighborhoods include:

Useless Bay
Mutiny Bay
Bush Point
Holmes Harbor    


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